Deep-Dive FIGs

DEEP-DIVE FIGs give students a distinct academic experience because they create an immersive learning environment. Some of the DEEP-DIVE FIGs have an intermediate course (which may include 300 level), which are smaller than the courses in many of the other FIGs, and are intended to encourage students to explore subjects in depth. Other DEEP-DIVE FIGs have projects, unique field trips, performances and more that allow students to really dive deep into subject matter.


A Trip Down Memory Lane (DEEP-DIVE)

Animal Behavior (DEEP-DIVE)

Brilliant Imperfection (DEEP-DIVE)

Carnegie Global Oregon (DEEP-DIVE)

Cracking the Case (DEEP-DIVE)

Edible History (DEEP-DIVE)

Environmental Design (DEEP-DIVE)

Food & the Garden (DEEP-DIVE)

Food Matters (DEEP-DIVE)

Hip Hop & Politics of Race (DEEP-DIVE)

My Visual Story (DEEP-DIVE)

Remixing Media, ©ritiquing ©ulture (DEEP-DIVE)

Science of the Good Life (DEEP-DIVE)