How to Join a FIG

Students can change, add, or drop their FIG during the summer. Changes to FIG registration are available from July 1st through September until classes begin. See below for a how-to guide on making FIG changes. 

If you’re interested in joining a FIG, we recommend you start looking at the descriptions of each FIG on our Fall 2024 FIGs page. This page will show which FIGs currently have open spaces starting July 1st, and is updated regularly during business hours to reflect changes in availability. Remember, all FIGs count toward your degree no matter which one you choose, so make sure to find a few FIGs that interest you!

FIGs are first-come, first-served, and we don’t offer a waiting list, so it’s a good idea to have a few back-up FIG options in mind.

Add a FIG

"I have not met with my advisor yet and want to add a FIG"

Students can add or change a FIG before meeting with an advisor, however it is strongly recommended to wait to meet with an advisor before adding or changing a FIG. Watch for an email from Advising in Late June or early July to sign up for that appointment. Below is the most immediate and effective way to contact us. It will require you log-in to Microsoft Teams with your Duck ID.

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Change your FIG

"I have met with my advisor and want to change my FIG"

Students can change their FIGs over the course of the summer, though we strongly recommend that students wait until after they meet with an advisor to change their FIG

FIGs are also a complete package of classes, and dropping a FIG will mean you will be dropped from all the classes within the FIG, and we cannot guarantee you will be able to re-add the FIG classes after you drop if the class is otherwise full. Below are the most effective ways to contact us. The "Chat with Us" option is preferred as you can get immediate help during business hours. It will require you log-in to Microsoft Teams with your Duck ID. 

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Drop a FIG

Are you dropping due to a course conflict?

You may be able to take a different discussion section or lab if the FIG conflicts with something you need to take. Reach out to the FIG Office and explain your conflict, there are often solutions! Also, consider if you need the conflicting course THIS TERM. Fall term is your only chance in four years to participate in a FIG, chances are you can take the conflicting course during winter or spring term instead.

Are you dropping due to time commitment concerns?

All FIGs are fall term only (with the exception of the one FIG Runway Carnegie Global Oregon) and the core education courses are regular UO classes you would be taking anyway. You also receive 1-credit that counts towards your degree for the FYE seminar. FIGs are no more than half of a full-time schedule and are fully integrated into your fall term experience. 

Consider this: Over 95% of students on average say they would recommend taking a FIG. Students who take FIGs are statistically shown to have higher GPAs and are more likely to graduate on time!

“I really enjoyed being in the FIG because I met one of my best friends and it helped me make other friends in two of my courses. It was definitely worth taking as a first term freshman!”  - Polina R. from Secrets to Success in STEM

"My FIG was an amazing interdisciplinary experience! I learned about connections between sociology and biology I never would have thought to explore on my own. It was helpful to take the courses along with other freshman so that I could get accustomed to academic life at the UO without feeling alone. Both the FA and the faculty were friendly and accommodating, and helped me explore interests I didn't even think I had." - Alex T. from Humans: An Origin Story

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