What is a FIG?

The primary mission of FIGs is to help students successfully transition into college. FIGs are comprised of 20 students who share a unique collaborative experience around an academic theme. The format offers participants frequent interactions with faculty members, provides peer mentorship, and facilitates peer-to-peer learning.

students walking together

What to expect in FIGs

FYE Seminar

Each FIG has a 1-credit FYE Seminar course that is co-led by a dedicated faculty member and a peer-mentor called a FIG Assistant. Your faculty member will provide passionate expertise about the FIG subject, and your FIG Assistant will connect you with resources and know-how on being a college student. 

Linked Courses

Your FIG Faculty selects one to two UO courses that are designed to expand on what you're learning in the FYE Seminar course. These linked courses will count towards degree requirements, no matter which major you choose. 

Small Class Sizes

The 1-credit FYE Seminar course is designed exclusively for you and the 20 students in your FIG. If the linked courses are large lectures, your FIG group will have your own discussion section or lab as a smaller break-out class which meets in addition to the lecture course.

Why choose a FIG?

FIG participants recommend the experience
to other first-year students.
↑ 4 pts
In four-year graduation rates among 
FIG participants.
Of FIG participants make connections 
to peers and faculty.