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First-Year and Transfer Communities 


Welcome to the University of Oregon!

Our Experience Communities provide first-year and transfer-year students with a year-long course that guide them through resources, activities, and discussions designed to help them make connections and achieve success in their first year. 

The platform is similar to Canvas, making it easy to navigate, and content is updated each term.

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First-Year Experience Community

The First-Year Experience Community provides a space for students to navigate UO and all its resources. It offers everything from academic and self-care resources to advice from students and faculty, and allows students, peer mentors and university staff to engage in insightful conversations.

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Transfer-Year Experience Community

The Transfer-Year Experience Community provides information and resources specifically tailored to new transfer students, who sometimes face different challenges while adjusting to UO.

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Topics Covered Include:

Academic Engagement:
Library Resources
Undergraduate Research
Student Support:
Student Success Strategies and Resources
Student Support Resources
Academic Strategies:
Academic Integrity
Academic Planning

Why Join A Community?

The FYE Communities offer a space to navigate the University of Oregon and all its resources while gaining college knowledge. It has everything from academic and self-care resources, to advice from students and faculty, to a place where insightful conversations can occur. Peer mentors have tailored the FYE Community to ensure that First-Year and Transfer Students have the opportunity to engage with the University of Oregon.

We're Here For You

Experience Communities are part of First-Year Programs at the UO. If you have questions or would like more information, don't hesitate to reach out!