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First-Year Interest Groups 


Carve Your Path. Find Your People.

First-Year Interest Groups, or FIGs, allow UO students to choose a first-year experience with an academic theme that fits them. Incoming freshmen attend classes and build community as part of intentionally small groups. Choose from seven themes and over 50 FIGs offered each fall.  

Why Students Choose FIGs


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Access to Resources
Get connected to all the places on campus that are designed to help you succeed.


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Building Community
Get to know 20 like-minded peers through classes, social events, and study sessions.


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Hands-On Learning
Get out of the classroom and participate in unique projects, events and field trips.


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Faculty Engagement
Build a relationship with a professor your very first term of your academic journey.

Find a FIG for You

Connect With Us

First-Year Interest Groups are part First-Year Programs at the UO. If you have questions or would like more information about FIGs, don't hesitate to reach out!