Student Jobs with First-Year Programs

2019 FA students

  The FIG Assistant (FA) application for 2024 is OPEN

Applications are closed! 

Contact to request an extension due to extenuating circumstances. 

“Being an FA was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my college career. It is hard to describe how significant an impact the FIG program made on me. It is evident in the connections I made with my FIG students and my fellow FAs. This job taught me a lot and made me grow as a person, and I’m so grateful for that.” -- FA for Carnegie Global Oregon

Position Description

The FA position offers undergraduate students the opportunity to be leaders and mentors to first-year students participating in an FYE.  FAs assist faculty in the development, planning, and instruction of the course.  FAs organize educational and social activities to better acquaint their students with each other, faculty members, and the University. These activities may include library orientation, study groups, lunch with a professor, field trips, and more. Extensive training and support is provided for all FAs.


  • Sophomore standing or higher by Fall 2024
  • 3.0 GPA or higher (Exceptions can be made, please reach out to to discuss circumstances or any questions)
  • Successful completion (B or higher) in at least one of the core education courses offered in a FIG
  • Flexibility, strong communication and organizational skills, and the ability to work both independently and within groups.
  • Participation in an FYE as a freshman is not required.

Compensation and Hours

  • 3-5 hours per week at $14/hour for weekly training in spring term 2024
  • 6-10 hours per week at $15.00/hour or about $1,400 for fall term
  • The hours for the FA position are very flexible

 Benefits of Being an FA



Building Community

Develop connections among the 20 freshman in your FIG and join the FA community of 60+ other FYE Assistants.



Leadership Experience

Receive training in lesson planning, discussion leading, event planning and more. Then apply those skills to your FIG during fall term. 



Faculty Connections

Build a relationship with a professor through collaborative course and event planning.

Online FA Recommendation Form

Download the FA Recommendation Form PDF