Carnegie Global Oregon

Classes in Carnegie Global Oregon: ANTH 161 (World Cultures), GEOG 142 (Intro to Human Geography), and GEOG 199 (College Connections)
Carnegie Global Oregon is a FIG that is also residential as an ARC that lasts throughout freshman year. This FIG partners with the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs as we explore human rights in the United States and around the world.

If you are an incoming student taking Carnegie Global Oregon, please view the 2017 syllabus. Please also check out the Carnegie Global Oregon website! Please also note that Carnegie Global Oregon students will move into the residence halls on Tuesday, September 19. This is two days earlier than the official move-in day of Thursday, September 21.

College Connections Faculty: Shaul Cohen

Photo of College Connections faculty for Carnegie Global Oregon, Shaul Cohen.

Dr. Shaul Cohen is an Associate Professor in the Geography Department, serves as the Co-Director of the UO Peace Studies program, holds a Global Ethics Fellowship from the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Relations, and acts as Director of the Global Oregon Learning Community on campus. In addition to the classes he teaches in geography, he also teaches classes in the Robert D. Clark Honors College and the School of Law.

FIG Assistant: Momo Wilms-Crowe


Summer Assignment

During the summer we will be getting to work so that we can begin talking about ethics and the world we live in from the very start – when we gather together as a group for the first time during Week of Welcome.  There are three elements to your summer assignment:

Part I

Our first scheduled activity will be on the evening of Tuesday, September 19th, by which time all of our FIG will have moved into the dorms.  That evening the FIG will have dinner together and then have a conversation about the film Three Kings, a 1999 movie starring George Clooney, Ice Cube, and Mark Wahlberg, about a misadventure during the Persian Gulf War.  You should watch that film in the weeks leading up to your arrival on campus so that it’s fresh in your mind.  Outline for yourself what you think the ethical issues in the film are.  How do you think the film resolves them (or doesn’t resolve them)?  What is the film telling you about ethics, war, loyalty – or really conflicting loyalties?  There’s a lot to talk about in this one!

Part II

Read the book “Just Mercy: A Story About Justice and Redemption” by Bryan Stevenson.  We’ll be talking about this book, and meeting with someone from Brian’s staff to discuss the work being done to provide legal counsel for people who have been given harsh sentences for crimes they committed – or didn’t commit.  When you have finished the book you should write a brief response essay on the following:

  1. Which of the cases (people) Bryan writes about did you react to most strongly, and why?  (1 page)
  2. Can there be a conflict between human rights, civil rights, and legal rights?  What does Bryan say about justice and our legal system (1 page)
  3. What are the bigger issues in this book?  Though it is about legal cases in the American south, what are the implications for us here in Oregon, or anywhere? (1 page).

All of your answers should be submitted by August 31, we will let you know how to submit them via your third element of the summer assignment…

Part III

As soon as you get done reading this, please ask to join the CGO FB group CGO21, which you will find here: CGO Facebook Group. We will use this FB group to provide information, answer questions, do some introductions, and generally get things started.  We will use this group all the way through the Fall term, and you MUST join it.  We will be posting regularly this summer, so get in the habit of checking the page every day.  After Fall term we will merge you into the larger CGO FB group where you will join the conversation with the sophomore, junior, and senior CGO members, many of whom you will meet at a picnic on Sunday, October 1st, which is after the first week of classes.  But for now it’s just you, the Carnegie Global Oregon class of 2021, welcome to our community, let’s get started!

Week of Welcome FIG Meeting

The first meeting for the FIG is Friday, September 22nd at 10:00 am in Columbia 150. Please arrive on time as we will be relocating shortly after.