Remixing Media, ©ritiquing ©ulture

Remixing Media, ©ritiquing ©ulture explores how the appropriation, parody, and remixing of media texts (images, ads, music, video, etc.) can be a powerful form of cultural, political, social, and celebrity critique. In this FIG, students will create their own culture jamming/subvertising remix projects based upon their own interests, and we will showcase their works, along with other works from local and nationally recognized artists, in our Critical Art Show at the end of the term which we will pair with the UO Hip Hop Jam produced by the Hip Hop and the Politics of Race FIG.

College Connections Faculty: Andre Sirois


FIG Assistant: Laura Scully

Bio Coming Soon

Summer Assignment

Coming July 2018. Faculty and FAs are currently in the process of developing the FIG assignments.

Week of Welcome FIG Meeting

Coming August 2018