Food & the Garden

This FIG will explore the tradition of garden making and hands-on growing as part of a healthy local food system.

College Connections Faculty: Harper Keeler

Photo of College Connections faculty for Urban Garden, Harper Keeler.

Harper received his degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon in 1995, and has been involved with the Urban Farm since 1992.  He has taught as an adjunct instructor beginning in 2001 and has been directing the Urban Farm since 2008.  He earned an M.L.A. in 2011 centering on experimental, place-based education within the pedagogy of Landscape Architecture. He was central to the creation of the Food for Lane County Grass Roots Garden Project, and with the expansion of Urban Farm-related programs into the Eugene-Springfield area.


FIG Assistant: Alex Van Grunsven

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Summer Assignment

1) Find one part of the common reading book which involves a relationship to food in some way, shape or form. Explain how that relationship is important to the character as well as how you can to relate to such a connection based on your own life and experiences.

2) Create a license plate describing yourself, either through drawing, digital art or pictures. Include a creative license plate number and whatever other symbols that describe you or where you are from. Color is optional but highly encouraged!

Week of Welcome FIG Meeting

Coming August 2018