Rock 'n' Physics

Classes in Rock n Physics: MUS 264 (Rock History, 1950-1970), PHYS 152 (Physics of Sound and Music), and PHYS 199 (College Connections).

The FIG will explore the physical principles behind rock music and modern day DJ mixed music and how music was influenced with the changing technology from 1950 to present and the physics behind that technology.

College Connections Faculty: Stan Micklavzina

Photo of College Connections faculty for Rock n Physics, Stan Micklavzina.

Stanley Micklavzina is experienced in the history of Rock ‘n Roll, and is one of those guys who hangs out with a bunch of musicians…In other words, a drummer. He also plays a few chords on the guitar and ukulele and can sing – well, rock ‘n' roll anyway. The musician who had the biggest impact on his life, and according to him, the world, is Jimi Hendrix. He looks really young but actually lived through the original Beatlemania, Acid Rock, Punk Rock, Disco and Indie waves. Now, with a 17-year-old in the house, he has exposure to hip-hop, dubstep, house, electronic, DJ-style mixing, electronic chill and so on.

Micklavzina has been a faculty member in the UO Department of Physics since 1985.  He is in charge of physics lecture demonstrations, which requires expertise with coordinating the universe around us in such a way as to demonstrate, in action, the nature of a phenomenon being discussed in theory. He designs ways to show physics principles for lectures and the public. He teaches courses in the department including the introductory physics sequence, lab courses, and special topic courses such as ‘The Physics of Renewable Energy.’ He is also renowned for his public physics demonstration shows and working to combine demonstrating science with performance.

The connections course will focus on Stan’s vast knowledge of physics demonstrations to bring an understanding of the physical world by observing the applied physics behind the instruments, amplifiers, effects and sound of Rock ‘n Roll. This study will always be interwoven into the history of Rock ‘n Roll from the 1950s to the present. The overarching idea is to change the way you look at the physical universe that surrounds you.


FIG Assistant: Abbie Winn


Summer Assignment

Coming July 2018. Faculty and FAs are currently in the process of developing the FIG assignments.

Week of Welcome FIG Meeting

Coming August 2018