WOW Meetings

Each FIG and First-Year Seminar will have its first meeting on Monday, September 25th. To find the time and location of your FIG or First-Year Seminar's meeting use the tables below. (Tip: use CTRL+f to find yours quickly!) Bring paper and a writing implement to keep track of any important information you are given during your meeting. Your FIG/peer assistant and faculty member are so excited to meet you! Feel free to email your FIG/peer assistant and faculty member if you have any questions about this first meeting or anything else related to your FIG or First-Year Seminar.

For assistance finding your meeting location, consult this map or use the UOregon mobile app. If you need immediate assistance finding your meeting location, you can call the FYP office at (541)-346-1131.

If you cannot attend due to observing Yom Kippur, that's ok! Please email your FIG/Peer Assistant and Instructor to let them know. 

FIG Name Time Location

A Trip Down Memory Lane

9:00 AM

Peterson 101

Academic Foundation (USP) 9:00 AM Lawrence 166
Analyzing Our Environment AND Startups from the Ground Up 9:00 AM Gerlinger 301
Animal Behavior 9:00 AM Condon 203
Bella Italia! AND Cultural Encounter 9:00 AM Lillis 175
Breaking the Wall AND Stories We Tell 9:00 AM Anstett 191
Brilliant Imperfection 9:00 AM McKenzie 121
Carnegie Global Oregon 9:00 AM Carson 121
Coding for Success Meeting 9/22 FIG has alternate meeting, check your email for details. Students are encouraged to attend College Block on 9/25 if able.
Coffee: Chemistry and Culture 9:00 AM Willamette 112
Cracking the Case: Forensics, Freshman, and FIGs 9:00 AM Condon 201
Design Your Success 1 9:00 AM Peterson 105
Development Safari 9:00 AM Straub 252
Discovering Your Voice 9:00 AM Chapman 202
Edible History 9:00 AM Condon 330
Education and Freedom Dreaming 9:00 AM Lokey Education 117
Environmental Design 9:00 AM McKenzie 122
Exploring Art and Design 9:00 AM Condon 260
Face to Face AND This is Me 9:00 AM Lillis 185
Fiction to Film 9:00 AM Lillis 255
Food & the Garden 9:00 AM Chapman 201
Food Matters 9:00 AM Condon 106
For Better and Worse 9:00 AM Straub 251
From War to Peace 9:00 AM Prince Lucien Campbell 189
Gurus and Governors 9:00 AM BEAN 1201
Immerse Yourself: Virtual Reality & Metaverse 9:00 AM Knight Library 101
Inside Architecture 9:00 AM Lawrence 230
International Outlook 9:00 AM Straub 254
Hip Hop & Politics of Race 9:00 AM Peterson 103
Planning for the Planet 9:00 AM McKenzie 123
The Future We Want to Build 9:00 AM Lokey Education 116
FIG Name Time Location
Design Your Success 2 10:00 AM Peterson 105
Inside Art 10:00 AM Lawrence 166
Just Futures 10:00 AM Straub 254
Make It Stick 10:00 AM McKenzie 471
Mental Health and Media 10:00 AM New Residence Hall 128
Murals, Movies, Musica y Muertos 10:00 AM McKenzie 175
Museums and Inclusive Communities 10:00 AM Knight Library 101
My VIsual Story 10:00 AM Condon 106
Parlez-vous Python 10:00 AM Straub 253
Pass the Mic 10:00 AM HEDCO 144
Product Design 10:00 AM Lawrence 230
Remixing Media, ©ritiquing ©ulture 10:00 AM Peterson 103
Science in Media 10:00 AM Williamette
Science of the Good Life 10:00 AM Unthank 264
Science, College, Life! 10:00 AM Columbia 44
Secrets to Success in STEM 1 AND 2 10:00 AM Straub 245
Speak for Yourself! 10:00 AM McKenzie 121
Speak to the World 10:00 AM McKenzie 152
Telling Power 10:00 AM Global Scholar Hall 131
The Asian Lens 10:00 AM Gerlinger 301
The Problem with Problems 10:00 AM Global Scholars Hall 130
Think Global, Act Local 10:00 AM McKenzie 122
Thinking Media 10:00 AM Lillis 175
Visual Narrative: Manga to American Comics 10:00 AM Prince Lucien Campbell
War in the News 10:00 AM Lillis 255
First-Year Seminar Name Time Location
Finding Your Path: A Transfer Student 10:00 AM Condon 201
Trailblazing: Navigating Your College Experience 10:00 AM HEDCO 146
TRIO SSS Transfer Transition Seminar 10:00 AM Straub 252