Should I register for a FIG if I’m coming to IntroDUCKtion?

Yes, you should register as soon as possible. First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) have limited space and we register students in the order we receive requests. Some FIGs fill even before IntroDUCKtion begins. We will save your space by enrolling you in the two lecture courses plus the College Connections course.

If I have a declared major, should I take a FIG?

Most often, yes! Some majors have specific tracks to get you started on working toward your degree. Science based majors should consider a FIG with chemistry in it, but can also take a different FIG if they wish to explore something new or balance their science classes. Students interested in education should explore the major requirements. Those interested in secondary education are encouraged to pick a FIG that includes a class in their desired subject area (for example, those interested in being a secondary level English teacher are encouraged to take a FIG that includes an english class.) Students are encouraged to find a FIG that interests them and sign up for it, and then come to introDUCKtion and talk with their advisors to explore how that FIG fits with their academic plans.

What if I can’t come to IntroDUCKtion?

A FIG is an excellent choice for you! If you can’t attend IntroDUCKtion, reserve your space in a FIG and the associated courses for next fall by using this website and contacting the FIG office.

Can I change my mind later about the FIG I’m requesting?

Yes. When you meet with your academic advisor, you can stay in the FIG in which you’ve been enrolled, choose another, or decide not to be in a FIG. Choosing a FIG now provides a framework that you can build on or revise when you come to campus.

May I request only one of the classes in the FIG?

No. FIGs are made of two lecture courses and a College Connections course. Students in the FIG learn to think across disciplines by exploring the related themes of the two courses.

Should international students request a FIG online?

No. You will meet with an academic advisor during International Student Orientation before choosing a FIG.

What if I’m a student in the Robert D. Clark Honors College?

To avoid duplicating course work, honors college students may enroll in one of two FIGs. If you are planning to major in biology, chemistry, or human physiology, we encourage you to take the Human Genome Honors Chemistry FIG. The Carnegie Global Oregon FIG is open to students interested in ethics.

What about students seeking a bachelor of architecture degree?

If you have already been admitted to the program leading to the B.Arch. degree, follow its highly structured curriculum instead of taking a FIG. If you are considering applying in the future, and would like to work on compiling a portfolio and exploring the world of architecture, contact First-Year Programs about a special pre-architecture FIG.

Can students in the Undergraduate Support Program enroll in FIGs?

No. Your advisor will contact you directly about the FIG-like course of study that has been designed for you.

What is Carnegie Global Oregon?

The CGO is the only FIG that continues for three terms. After the fall FIG courses, students enroll in 1-credit seminars in winter and spring, and the majority of CGO students remain active in this vibrant learning community throughout their years at the University. This provides a supportive mix as sophomores and juniors join in weekly for class and a meal to explore areas of ethical concern. This FIG is also open to honors college students. More details at

How many first-year students take a FIG?

On average, about 2 of every 5 (40%) eligible first-year students take a FIG.

If I have college credits for one of the FIG courses, can I still take the FIG?

If you have already completed college credits for one of the courses in a FIG, then do not take that FIG! Look for a different one instead. Taking a class that you already have credit for will not count towards your degree.

What is a Global Bridge FIG? Can I take one?

Global Bridge FIGs are FIGs for international students who test into a full load of AEIS courses. Students who qualify for these FIGs are actually required to take them. To view the testing requirements, head to the following website: UO American English Institute Placement Testing