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FIGs of the Day for April 18th, 2014

Each day, First-Year Programs will be revealing three FIGs for the 2014 year. FIGs are a great way to get connected with faculty and other students. Today, we are highlighting Chemistry of Sustainability, Mindful Journey, and International Outlook. Take a look!

Culture at the Crossroads

Culture at the Crossroads: This FIG explores the past and present of race and racism in America, as seen through the lens of the profoundly influential music of the blues.

Sorting Hat: The FIG will explore ideas of Human Services through FHS (213) Issues for Children and Families and Sociology through SOC (204) Introduction to Sociology.


Animal Behavior: This FIG is for students interested in animal behavior, especially primates, and includes field trips to see animals behaving at the Oregon Zoo and the Cascades Raptor Center.


For a full list of FIGs, visit or check out “The Big FIG Book” for Fall 2014. Check back tomorrow to find out about 3 more great FIGs for 2014.

FIGs of the Day for April 17th, 2014

Each day, First-Year Programs will be revealing three FIGs for the 2014 year. FIGs are a great way to get connected with faculty and other students. Today, we are highlighting Art Culture and Comics, Thinking about Teaching? and Oregon Outside. Take a look!

Art, Culture, and Comics: How do we use art to tell stories, and to make sense of the world around us? The two courses of this FIG will together explore the role of the visual arts in the construction of both fictional and cultural narratives, with a specific focus on our ideas about gender and self-hood. Many of our primary materials will be drawn from the world of comicstrips, comic books, and graphic novels: modern art-forms that quintessentially forge their narrative coherence from images in series.

Thinking About Teaching

Thinking about Teaching?: “Thinking About Teaching” gives students the opportunity to explore teaching as a career path while also learning about the factors that influence and affect the world of education.

Geology unamed

Oregon Outside: This FIG evaluates the landforms and mountains of Oregon, their tectonic processes of formation and their modification by the surface processes of weathering and erosion.

For a full list of FIGs, visit or check out “The Big FIG Book” for Fall 2014. Check back tomorrow to find out about 3 more great FIGs for 2014.

2014 FIGs Go Live!

Wondering about 2014 FIGs?

All admitted seniors will be receiving the Big FIG Book in hardcopy form in the mail soon! They were mailed during the week of 4/14/2014. If you haven’t yet received your Big FIG Book, check out the Meet Your FIG page!

Comedy Night!

Who the quack am I

Join First-Year Programs and the J 199 — Comedy: Hero or Bully? Freshman Seminar students  for an exciting night of comedy! The event is Friday, April 25th 7:30-9:30pm in the EMU Ben Linder Room.

Planning Spring Courses?

Check out the latest Freshman Seminar offerings as you plan for Spring Term courses.

Registration for these Freshman Seminars begins Wednesday, March 5th at 3:00pm. Register on Duckweb.


Freshman Seminars are small, engaging courses that introduce first-year students to thought-provoking, unique subjects in an instructor’s special area of interest. They are designed to promote faculty-student and student-student interaction, focusing on writing, communication, and critical thinking.

Spring 2014

ART 199 — Art and the Found Object: Trash or Treasure? (Colleen Choquette-Raphael)

BI 199 — Anatomy, Physiology & Weight Training (V. Pat Lombardi & David Rubino)

ENG 199 — Grow Up Already: Teenage Life in Literature & Film (Miriam Gershow)

ENG 199 — Poetry & Mysticism (Ben Brinkley)

GEOL 199 — Fire & Ice: Pacific Northwest Geology (David Blackwell)

J 199 — Back Page Magazine Essay (Mary-Kate Mackey)

J 199 — Comedy: Hero or Bully? (Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant)

JPN 199 — J-Pop Globalization (Alisa Freedman)

MUS 199 — Hip Hop out of Ragtime: American Popular Music (Larry Wayte)

Friday Deadline

Website Post DeadlineThere is still time to being a FIG Assistant application for a Fall 2014 position! Click here to get the application now.

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please call Rachel at (541) 346-2896 or email

Want to learn more about the FA and Residential FA positions? Check out our student jobs page!

FA Applications

FIG Assistant applications are now live! The FA and Residential FA positions offer exceptional undergraduate students the opportunity to be leaders and mentors to first-year students participating in a FIG. To learn more about the position visit our student jobs page.

Download the application below and bring a hard copy to 470 Oregon Hall by Friday, January 31st.

2014 FA Application

If you have any questions, call Amy at (541) 346-1079 or Rachel at (541) 346-2896 or email

Freshman Seminar Proposals – due Monday, January 13

Faculty members from every discipline and department are encouraged to propose a Freshman Seminar to teach in 2014-2015. Current and emeritus faculty must have an appointment in a sponsoring department in order to teach a Freshman Seminar. Proposals must receive approval from the head of the department in which the course is taught and in which the faculty member has an appointment (often the same).

Freshman Seminars are small, interactive courses designed to introduce first-year students to thought-provoking and challenging subjects. Limited to 18-23 students, these three- or four-credit seminars give freshmen a focused academic experience in an area of special interest to the faculty member.  Approximately ten Freshman Seminars are currently taught each term.  This year’s seminar topics include nutrition myths, travel writing, Japanese popular culture, and more.  For more information, contact Amy Keir at 541-346-1136 or  The Freshman Seminar proposal form can be found at Proposals are due Monday, January 13, 2014.


FIG Professor Hosts Medieval Warfare Demonstration

Professor Michael Furtado, who teaches HIST 399: Medieval Warfare and the the Imperial Visions FIG, collaborated with master swordsman Sean Hayes to expose students to the exciting world of medieval Italian arms and armor. For more information, check out The Register Guard’s article about the event.

Freshman Seminar to Visit Opera Dress Rehearsal

The upcoming Winter 2014 Freshman Seminar, HIST 199: Uncovering the Past of the “Real” Wild West will get the unique opportunity to attend the dress rehearsal of Puccini’s “personal favorite” opera, “The Girl of the Golden West” (1910) set in California mining camp during the Gold Rush of 1849-1850.  The Metropolitan Opera’s Emily Pulley stars as Minnie (the mining camp saloon owner with shades of Annie Oakley’s persona) in the production.  Additinally, there may be opportunities for students to interact with the performers and director.

To learn more about HIST 199: Uncovering the Past of the “Real” Wild West visit the Freshman Seminar description page. We have a variety of other Freshman Seminars offered Winter term, from PS 199: Theories of Leadership to DAN 199: History, Spirtuality, & Dance in Africa.

Freshman Seminar registration begins Wednesday, November 27th at 3:00pm. Register on DuckWeb!