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Behind the Scenes: UO FIGs

Meet an FA Monday (8/10)

I Didn’t Get a FIG at IntroDUCKtion, Now What?

day 2Did you have your heart set on a FIG that wasn’t open during your IntroDUCKtion week? Some FIGs have opened up over the summer, and we are releasing the remaining spots tomorrow (8/5). Simply give our office a call at 541-346-1131 and ask to sign-up or switch your FIG. Have questions? You can also write us an e-mail at

Meet an FA Monday (8/3)

Meet Julia, the FIG Assistant for Moving to the Beat! #uofigs #callmeaduck

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Meet an FA Monday (7/27)

Meet an FA Monday! (7/20)

Meet Marissa, the FA for Human Hierarchies! #meetanFAmonday #uofigs #callmeaduck

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Looking for the First-Year Programs Office?

IMG_0253As of July 6th, First-Year Programs has found our new home on the third floor of Oregon Hall. We were welcomed by our partners on the floor with a potluck celebrating the new transition. We are still in the process of moving in, but we would love a visit from anyone interested in our programs. Our official address is 372 Oregon Hall. During IntroDUCKtion sessions, you can find First-Year Programs out on the pioneer mother lawn on day one of IntroDUCKtion and in the EMU ballroom on day two.

Did you add a FIG at IntroDUCKtion? Find your Instagram photo!

If you added a FIG at IntroDUCKtion, you may have taken a picture as part of the #FoundMyFIG campaign. Find your picture here:

Meet an FA Monday! 7/13/2015

Meet Crawford, the FA for Stories We Tell! #meetanFAMonday #uofigs

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FIGs are still available, so come see us at your IntroDUCKtion session!