How FIGs Work

First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs)

 In each FIG, 20 first year students take three courses together during fall term: two lecture courses and a 1-credit College Connections course which are all connected by an overarching topic.

All credits in a FIG count towards a degree, no matter which major is chosen.


How FIGs Work

College Connections

Each FIG has a 1-credit College Connections course that is co-lead by a dedicated faculty member and a peer-menor, called a FIG Assistant. Your faculty member will provide passionate expertise about the FIG subject and your FIG Assistant will connect you with resources and know-how on being a college student. 

Linked Courses

Your FIG Faculty selects two UO courses that are designed to expand on what you're learning in the College Connections course. These linked courses will count towards degree requirements, no matter which major you choose. 

Small Class Sizes

The 1-credit College Connections course is designed exclusively for you and the other 20 students in your FIG. If the linked courses are large lectures, your FIG group will have your own discussion section or lab as a smaller break-out class which meets in addition to the lecture course. 


FYEs Provide


Form important and lasting connections with your instructor, peer mentor, and the other students. Your FYE is a place where you will feel welcome, supported, and challenged.

​​​​​Develop skills for college success

Gain experience expressing ideas through writing and presentations. Utilize strategic analysis, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills. Learn time management and improve study skills. Become more effective working in a collaborative setting.

Make an academic plan, become career ready

Explore potential majors and minors while planning your academic career. Develop essential skills that enhance your marketability by learning to approach problems from multiple perspectives. Gain academic and career opportunities from faculty connections.


FYEs Are Not

Only social

Students will be engaged academically in their seminar and expected to actively participate in activities both inside and outside of the classroom.                                                                   

Busy work

The assignments given have purpose and will help you grow academically and personally. In your FYE you will often be pushed to explore the campus and Eugene community as well.                                                                                                                           

Easy credit or a study group

Students earn academic credit for taking a FYE, and as such, must attend class, participate, and turn in course work. While your FYE will facilitate study sessions, this is done outside of the FYE seminar.

 Why Students Choose FIGs

Access to Resources

Get connected to all the places on campus that are designed to help you succeed.

Building Community

Get to know 20 like-minded peers through classes, social events and study sessions.

Hands On Learning

Get out of the classroom and participate in unique projects, events and field trips.

Faculty Connections

Build a relationship with a professor your very first term.