WOW FIG Meetings

Each FIG will have its first meeting on Monday, September 26th. To find the time and location of your FIG's meeting use the tables below. (Tip: use CTRL+f to find your FIG's info quickly!) Bring paper and a writing implement to keep track of any important information you are given during your meeting. Your FIG assistant and FIG faculty are so excited to meet you! Email your FIG assistant and faculty member if you have any questions about this first meeting or anything else related to your FIG. 

For assistance finding your FIG's meeting location, consult this map or use the UOregon mobile app. If need immediate assistance finding your FIG's meeting location, you can call the FIG office at (541)-346-1131.

FIG Name time Location
A Trip Down Memory Lane 9:00 AM 201 Chapman Hall
Academic Foundations 9:00 AM 191 Anstett Hall
Analyzing Our Environment 9:00 AM 117 Fenton Hall
Animal Behavior 9:00 AM 260 Condon Hall
Art Ties 9:00 AM 111 Lillis Hall
Brain Stories 9:00 AM 45 Columbia Hall
Breaking the Wall 9:00 AM 101 Peterson Hall
Brilliant Imperfection 9:00 AM 154 Straub Hall
Build Your Own Language 9:00 AM 112 Lillis Hall
Carnegie Global Oregon not meeting FIG will meet at another time, look for email from faculty/FA.
Coffee: Chemistry and Culture 9:00 AM 112 Willamette Hall
Cracking the Case: Forensics, Freshmen, and FIGs 9:00 AM 201 Condon Hall
Design Your Success 1 9:00 AM 201 Villard Hall
Development Safari 9:00 AM 151 Straub Hall
Education and Freedom Dreaming 9:00 AM 242 Gerlinger
Environmental Design 9:00 AM 175 Lillis Hall
Food & the Garden 9:00 AM 44 Columbia Hall
Food Matters 9:00 AM 192 Anstett Hall
Gurus and Governors 9:00 AM 1201 Justice Bean
Hip Hop & the Politics of Race 9:00 AM 189 PLC
Human Genome 9:00 AM 105 Peterson Hall
Human Hierarchies 9:00 AM 119 Fenton Hall
Immerse Yourself in Virtual Reality & Metaverse 9:00 AM 140 Allen Hall
In Search of Belonging: Story-Telling & Community 9:00 AM 185 Lillis Hall
Inside Architecture: Bricks, Sticks, and Poetry 9:00 AM 185 Lillis Hall
Planning for the Planet 9:00 AM 252 Straub Hall
Product Design 1 9:00 AM 110 Fenton Hall
Startups from the Ground Up 9:00 AM 117 Fenton Hall
fig name Time location
Design Your Success 2 10:00 AM 201 Villard Hall
Exploring Oregon's Landscapes 10:00 AM 203 Condon Hall
From War to Peace 10:00 AM 260 Condon Hall
Inside Art 10:00 AM 101 Villard Hall
International Outlook 10:00 AM 353 PLC
Just Futures 10:00 AM 251 Straub Hall
Murals, Movies, Musica y Muertos 10:00 AM 121 McKenzie Hall
My Visual Story 10:00 AM 102 University Hall
Night Out: Eugene Theater 10:00 AM 101 Allen Hall
Pass the Mic 10:00 AM 105 Frohnmayer Music
Product Design 2 10:00 AM 110 Fenton Hall
Remixing Media, ©ritiquing ©ulture 10:00 AM 189 PLC
Science in the News 10:00 AM 101 Volcanology
Science of the Good Life 10:00 AM 264 Unthank Hall
Scratching the Surface of Medical Misogynyn 10:00 AM 214 Friendly Hall
Secrets to Success in STEM 1 10:00 AM 202 Cascade Hall
Secretes to Success in STEM 2 10:00 AM 103 Peterson Hall
Speak for Yourself! 10:00 AM 193 Anstett Hall
Speak to the World 10:00 AM 105 Esslinger
Stories We Tell 10:00 AM 106 Friendly Hall
Students without Borders 10:00 AM 119 Fenton Hall
Talking Stories 10:00 AM 248 Gerlinger Hall
Telling Power 10:00 AM 253 Straub Hall
The Asian Lens 10:00 AM 45 Columbia Hall
The History and Chemistry of Adhesives 10:00 AM 107 Esslinger
The Mind of the Raven 10:00 AM 106 Friendly Hall
The Problem with Problems 10:00 AM 130 Global Scholars Hall
Thinking Media 10:00 AM 347 McKenzie Hall
This is Me / Face to Face (both FIGs are meeting together) 10:00 AM 240C McKenzie Hall
Tomato, Tomäto 10:00 AM 225 Friendly Hall
TRIO SSS Transfer Transition not meeting we encourage you to attend College Block during this time! More Info here:
Visual Narrative: Manga to American Comics 10:00 AM 473 McKenzie Hall
War in the News 10:00 AM 301 Chapman Hall
Who Belongs? 10:00 AM 254 Straub Hall