First-Year Experience Community

Welcome to the University of Oregon!

First-Year Programs is committed to providing all new UO students with comprehensive information on how to thrive at the university.


FYE Students

The First-Year Experience (FYE) Community at provides first-year and transfer-year students with a year-long course that will guide you through resources, activities, and discussions designed help you make connections and achieve success in your first-year at the University of Oregon. It is a similar platform to Canvas, which you will use for all of your classes. Making it easy to navigate, and each term will have new content!


Why should this interest me? 

The FYE Community offers First-Year and Transfer Students a space to navigate the University of Oregon and all its resources while gaining college knowledge. It has everything from academic and self-care resources, to advice from students and faculty, to a place where insightful conversations can occur. Peer mentors have tailored the FYE Community to ensure that First-Year and Transfer Students have the opportunity to engage with UO.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:


Build community with peers, faculty, and advisors. 

Every Duck deserves a strong flock.

aerial of campus


Identify resources that will acclimate you to campus and improve your academic skills. Know your pond.

UO Soaring Owl


Participate and engage in class discussion. Discover tools available to support you throughout your time at the UO. Learn to soar.


Topics covered in this course include:

Student Success Strategies and Resources

Student Support Resources

Financial Planning

Career Exploration

Academic Engagement

Academic Planning

Undergraduate Research

Academic Integrity

Library Resources   

If I have a question on making friends, talking to professors, classes, etc. where can I go to get assistance?  

The First Year Experience Community for freshmen and the First Year Experience Transfer Community for transfer students each have a section on the site where discussions and events will occur, hosted by your very own peer mentor! Your peer mentor is an additional resource for any questions you may have AND they are there to cheer you on along the way!   

Feel free to email your peer today at or ask a quick question at the Help Desk on Microsoft Teams: First-Year Programs Help Desk. Help Desk is open Monday- Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST. We are here to help!