First-Year Programs strives to promote resources and curriculum that make incoming students’ transition to the University of Oregon seamless, substantial, and rewarding. Our office acknowledges that a successful first year is different from student to student, and thus offers programs that can appeal to a diverse set of interests. While the services offered by First-Year Programs are primarily academic, we structure our programs so that students are given opportunities to adjust to the University of Oregon socially as well. Moreover, we facilitate this balance by incorporating peer mentors, social outings, student-driven discussions, and lasting student-faculty connections that students will benefit from for the remainder of their time at the University of Oregon. Ultimately, our office hopes to combine the small classroom experience, characterized by healthy discussion and passionate professors, with the endless opportunities afforded by a larger research university.

First-Year Programs is part of the Division of Undergraduate Education and Students Success (UESS), which includes the following offices:

Photo of a group of students on a field trip to a lake. An instructor points to the landscape.

First-Year Programs engage students in all aspects of academic life at the University of Oregon through FIGs:

Courses in the FIG program are designed to allow students to explore possible majors or areas of interests while making connections with faculty and other students.