FIG Proposals

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A FIG Proposal is submitted by the faculty member(s) who would like to teach the College Connections seminar in the fall.

College Connections

College Connections is a 1-credit seminar. The class is typically led by a faculty member teaching one of the academic courses in the FIG, with the assistance of an undergraduate FIG Academic Assistant (FA). The faculty member and the FA work collaboratively to help students draw connections between the other two courses in the FIG, and to help the FIG students integrate well into university life.

FIG Program Goals

  • Develop mentor relationships between student and faculty members
  • Make connections between academic classes
  • Develop a sense of community among students with similar interests

FIG Student Enrollment Eligibility

Each FIG is limited to 20 students. The two academic courses will have both FIG and non-FIG students enrolled; only the 1-credit seminar is exclusive to the FIG. (When possible, discussion sections of one or both of the academic courses will have only students from the FIG.)

Compensation for teaching a College Connections seminar
Total compensation for teaching a College Connections (199) course is $2,000 (+OPE*, if taken as pay). Two faculty members can co-teach a College Connections course and share the compensation. For more complete information, see PDF icon2017-2018 FIG Compensation Policies

*OPE: Other Payroll Expenses. These are expenses that the University (through your department) pays for you such as: PERS contributions, Social Security, Medicare, Workers Compensations, etc. Any health insurance costs are paid by the faculty’s home department.

FIG Proposal Process

The two academic classes must be regularly taught, introductory-level courses that meet general-education requirements. (A Challenge FIG may have one 300 level class.) The courses should be from different disciplines, but be linked by a common theme.

To propose a FIG:

  • Contact the Director of the FIG Program, Amy Hughes Giard at 541-346-1079 or email
  • Determine the College Connections theme and the two academic courses you would like to link.
  • Obtain the signatures requested on the File2018 FIG Proposal Form. Written approval by email is also accepted for both department heads and course instructors.
  • Attach the syllabus from each of the two academic courses and return the proposal to Jackie Etchison, First-Year Programs, 107 Oregon Hall or by email at

The 2017 FIG proposal deadline is February 5, 2018