The Secrets to Success in STEM

Want to succeed in college? You’ll need study skills and overall habits you probably didn’t develop in high school. Luckily, you can master all of them with a little practice. In this class you’ll learn what works and why, and apply the skills to your math and science courses.

Note: Please see academic advisor before attempting to add a chemistry FIG. There will be spaces available in this FIG at each IntroDUCKtion session.

College Connections Faculty: Julie Mueller

Photo of College Connections faculty for Chemistry of Climate Change, Julie Mueller.

Julie Mueller, Ph.D., has long been interested in the chemistry of the atmosphere, and has used lasers to research the photodissociation dynamics of ozone, NO2 and N2O4, and other atmospherically relevant molecules. She was a chemistry faculty member at Santa Clara University before moving to Eugene and becoming a Faculty Consultant in the UO’s Teaching Effectiveness Program. Dr. Mueller has taught a variety of classes, including Physical Chemistry and General Chemistry, and she currently teaches the chemistry portion of the Teaching and Learning Center’s MCAT prep course.

FIG Assistant: Claire McKerrow

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Summer Assignment

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