Employment Opportunities for College Students

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Pre-College Mentors

Are comprised of undergraduate and graduate college students who are passionate about mentoring SAIL high school students on their journey to higher education. Their responsibilities include; leading discussions and activities, joining classrooms for pre-college presentations and workshops, and sharing the unique knowledge gained from their higher education experience so far.

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Summer Counselors

Supervision, mentoring, and engagement of high school students for the day-only programs over the two weeks of SAIL summer programs. Responsibilities include: engaging and talking with students about goal-setting and the benefits of higher education through discussion and role-modeling, monitoring classrooms and small-group sessions, establishing a comfortable and inclusive group dynamic, facilitating initiative and team-building games and activities, safety awareness, classroom management, monitoring attendance, keeping the administrative staff informed of all concerns, working as a team player, and completing tasks as assigned. SAIL Summer Counselors serve as role models, mentors, and are the primary supervisor of students through all daily activities. Summer Counselors are grouped (2-3) and will lead one cohort of 20-50 students each week. In addition to student management, staff will work collaboratively with faculty, which could include program development, student evaluation, and classroom management.

Summer Counselor Application 2024

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Summer Resident Assistant (RA)

Inspire, engage, and supervise SAIL high school students on the University of Oregon campus during the SAIL academic summer programs. RAs will sleep in Residence Halls and live on the same floor as SAIL high school students are responsible for participants during both evening programming and early mornings until the day programs begin.

Responsibilities will include; collaborating with your team, managing safety and behavior management, initiate and lead student activities, supervise students, monitor attendance, engage with students about goal setting and the benefits of higher education. Activities may include organized group events or facilitating interactive stations and games during less structured program times. RAs will supervise morning routine which may include waking up students, shower schedules, administering of medications to students, and breakfast until the Day program begins. RAs will keep the Leads, and Program Administrators informed of all concerns, and complete additional tasks as assigned.

Summer Resident Assistant (RA) Application 2024

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Summer Night Manager

Night Managers are SAIL counselors responsible for supervising and maintaining the security of the residential spaces for SAIL residential students.  Night Mangers live on the same floor in the residential halls as SAIL high school students. The Night Managers make continual rounds of the designated SAIL floors throughout the entire night, and then wake students up at 7:00 am.  Night Managers will provide the Lead and RA counselors with overnight updates. They are responsible for handling any emergencies that may arise overnight.  In the event an incident occurs, they will triage the incident and contact on-site Evening Leads as first point of contact, the Evening Admin. as a secondary point of contact, and finally Resident Assistants if necessary. Evening Admin. will contact the Ex. Director when needed.

Summer Night Manager Application 2024

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Lead and Junior Lead College Staff

Lead and Junior Lead Staff are comprised of current college students who have been involved in SAIL as prior staff: Responsibilities include: assisting with staff training, role model and support for summer staff, co-leading staff de-brief sessions, assisting with all group sessions, helping with overall program logistics, and stepping in as needed.

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