High School Credit for Participation in SAIL

During the 2023 - 2024 Academic school year high school students enrolled in the Springfield School District or 4-J School District are eligible to receive .5 elective high school credit. Eligible students must complete both part A & B criteria

Part A:

Complete 1 full week of SAIL summer programs hosted on University of Oregon campus.

Part B:

Attend 3 pre-college activities during the Fall term of the subsequent academic school year.

Pre-college activities are determined by the SAIL Program and each school site College and Career Center. Activities may include, but are not limited to: SAIL mentoring sessions, FAFSA/ORSAA events, grade level pre-college activities, career center appointments, college and career fairs, grade level interviews at career center, post high school assignments, college and scholarship applications, college exploration and research, and many more options.

Once a student has completed these 3 activities, the SAIL Program will notify the College & Career Center and School Registrar office to finalize the .5 credit. 


Typically, credits will be awarded at the end of Fall term, after the student has completed Part A and Part B criteria. Any exceptions to these agreements will be determined by the SAIL Program. If a student has any questions regarding credit, please email us at sailstaff@uoregon.edu .