Summer Program Options

Week One

Full/Closed - Wait-List Application Only

Sunday, July 14, to Friday, July 19
Overnight/Residential Program 

Business for a Better World


Have you ever considered how businesses could lead to positive change in the world? Join us for this year's program, business for a Better World, where you'll gain insights into how businesses can address pressing global challenges in areas such as sustainability, social responsibility, and community empowerment. You will leave with a deeper understanding of how businesses can contribute to a more equitable, just world.


Latinx Studies

Learn about culture, individual family histories, and more by cross-examining the importance of diverse Latinx communities in the U.S and Latin America and how this applies to your professional career path.

Let's Get Physics-al

Physics & Human Physiology

Are you thinking about a career related to human health, technology, or even art? Explore STEM, medicine, and biomedical research and visit UO anatomy labs and Rock-Climbing wall with our Physics and Physiology departments. Rock Wall Waiver Required.

So Psych-ed You're Here!


Learn the science that seeks to understand humans by examining their behavior, brains, personality, and emotions. You 'll have firsthand access to how psychology researchers look inside the brain, study how humans develop over their lifespan, and seek to explain the complexity of human interactions!

Around the World in 5 Days

World Cultures & Languages

Are you ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime? Join the UO School of Global Studies and Languages for a week-long language learning and cultural immersion program! With our esteemed faculty as your guide, you will explore different cultures and try on different language lenses to peek into worlds you’ve never seen before.

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Week Two

Monday, July 22, to Friday, July 26
Weeklong Day-Only Program

Addressing Environmental and Social Justice Issues

Environmental Studies

Join us as we explore the many ways to get involved in addressing environmental issues. Whether you are interested in climate change, sustainable food, green cities, or environmental justice to name just a few, this camp will provide insights into different approaches to make a difference. In addition, you’ll get to nurture your own connections to nature with field trips and campus excursions.

The World of Multimedia

Journalism & Communication (SOJC)

Learn how to increase your creativity with communication and the importance of creating your personal brand through the School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC). Explore the world of Advertising, Journalism, Public Relations, and Media Studies!

Feel the Chemistry


Bad chemistry jokes never get a reaction... but join us as our department walks you through opportunities to engage in hands-on activities in food chemistry, green reactions, photography, sustainable manufacturing and much more!


Live, Learn, Love Biology


Come multiply your biology skills by dividing your time investigating the many world class research labs on UO campus.  Activities may include, tree identification tour, diving into marine biology, visiting UO's state of the art Knight Campus, and a field trip to The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, all while using high-tech equipment.


Let the Art Do the Talking

Art, Architecture & Design

Explore your creativity by visiting our Art, Design and Architecture programs. Get hands-on experience by creating a 3D product, dive into Architecture and visit our studios which include ceramics, metal smithing, jewelry creation, and more!


Explore the Possibilities!

Exploratory Program

New program offered this summer! Sign up to explore 5+ different program topics in one week. A glimpse into majors like  Education, Psychology, Computer Science, Geography, Sociology, and more! 

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Week Three

Monday, July 29, to Friday, August 2
Weeklong Day-Only Program

The Write Solution to Successful Essays

English & Writing

Are you having trouble writing your college and scholarship essays? Workshop your ideas and enhance your work with feedback from UO English faculty which includes published authors! Rising High School Juniors & Seniors only.


Science, Creativity, Technology

Computer Science

From competing with your peers, to programming a robotic car, to creating a computer game, to finding your match using Artificial Intelligence (AI) – explore the world of computer science to expand your creative mind.

Education in Today's World

Education, Family and Human Services & UO Libraries

Education isn’t just teaching. Learn how Communication Disorders and Sciences, Family and Human Services, Education Studies and UO Libraries can create positive change - a more equitable, educated, and healthy tomorrow. Also, learn how writing is a form of communication through time while exploring hidden treasures of the UO.

You're the Missing Piece to Our Equation

Economics & Math

Economists and mathematicians love to bring abstract reasoning to bear on such important topics as how to win at rock, paper, scissors and how to cut a pizza.  Come and share our joy for these subjects via interactive games and activities.

Society and Language

Sociology & Linguistics 

Learn about how researchers and students study society and language. Sociology provides analytical and methodological tools to study social life, inequalities, and social change, with an emphasis on race, gender, class, environment, organizations, communities, and health. Linguistics uses analytic and computational tools to characterize language, to investigate how different groups of people use language, and to understand how use changes over time.

Explore the Possibilities!

Exploratory Program

New program offered this summer! Sign up to explore 5+ different program topics in one week. A glimpse into majors like  Education, Psychology, Computer Science, Geography, Sociology, and more!

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