Hidden History

Explore the lost stories and hidden past of the underrepresented peoples and communities of UO and the state of Oregon—with a focus on Native American history—preserved in records, photographs, films, letters, and interviews.  Students will contribute new knowledge and research to the Documenting UO History Project through creative individual or group projects that will be shared at the end of the term and donated to the university Archives for future generations.

Here is the Hidden History's FIG website: Hidden History blog

"It kind of feels like you're there, even though you're in a classroom."

- UO Student Daniel Berger on his experience within his Reacting to the Past course.

College Connections Faculty: Kevin Hatfield

Photo of College Connections faculty for Hidden History, Kevin Hatfield.

Kevin Hatfield is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Department of History and affiliated faculty member with the Robert D. Clark Honors College and College Scholars Program. He specializes in the history of the American West, environment, and immigration, with a particular emphasis on the intersections of race/ethnicity, property, and community in the Northern Great Basin. His research and scholarship focuses on the Bizkaian Basque community of eastern Oregon, Western Idaho, and northern Nevada. Kevin and Jennifer O’Neal have also developed the Northern Paiute History Project, which engages undergraduates in de­colonizing pedagogy and community-­based research with Northern Paiute tribal elders and community members of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and Burns Paiute Tribe.

Jennifer O'Neal

Photo of College Connections faculty for Hidden History, Jennifer O'Neal.

Jennifer R. O’Neal is the University Historian and Archivist at the University of Oregon Libraries Special Collections and Archives, as well as affiliated faculty with the Robert D. Clark Honors College, History Department, and Native American Studies. O’Neal specializes in the history of the American West, with a specific emphasis on race, ethnicity and the social, cultural, and historical contexts that archives exist for marginalized or underrepresented communities.

FIG Assistant: McKenna Faulkner

Email: mckennaf@uoregon.edu

Summer Assignment

For your summer assignment, please read the UO common reading The Round House by Louise Erdrich.

Week of Welcome FIG Meeting

The first meeting for the FIG is Friday, September 22nd at 10:00 am in Columbia 150. Please arrive on time as we will be relocating shortly after.