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Academic Team:
Kathleen Freeman (
First-Year Experience Seminar Instructor
Amanda Hoelting (
FIG Assistant

5 credits

UGST 109 First Year Experience Seminar – 1 Credit 

CRN: 16278: W: 11:00 – 11:50 AM, STB 254 

CS 122 Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving – 4 credits 

CRN: 11564: TR: 10:00 – 11:20 AM, FEN 110 , +LAB CRN: 11567: W: 4:00 – 4:50 PM, KLA B026 

About the FIG:

Computer coding, or programming, is a powerful approach to problem-solving.  In Coding for Success, you will learn how to level up both your coding and problem-solving skills.  We will develop and practice a step-by-step approach to computational problem-solving, with an emphasis on the habits and techniques of highly effective programmers.

CS majors and students who do not plan a career in computing can benefit from learning and applying computational problem-solving skills and strategies to understanding and solving problems in a wide range of areas. 

CS 122 Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving- CoreEd or major satisfying course

CS 122 is an introduction to computational problem solving and programming in a modern, high level, multi-paradigm language. The class introduces foundational computing problem-solving approaches, topics, and techniques, including program design, implementation, documentation, and testing.

The class takes a project-based, hands-on approach to developing computational problem solving approaches, concepts, and skills.

A programming language is not only a medium for controlling a computer; it is an instrument of human reason, as well. Modern languages like Python, Javascript, and C++ have great expressive power. They can be used for traditional, imperative programming, object-oriented and functional programming, and other approaches to software development.

CS 122 is a core ed science area course and counts toward the B. Sci. math/computing requirement. (It may count as one or the other but not both.) CS 122 is designed for both non-CS majors and CS/MACS majors preparing for the intro major sequence (200-level courses). CS 122 counts as prior programming experience for students intending to major or minor in Computer Science. No prior programming experience is required or expected for CS 122.

CIS 122 requires a pre-requisite of MATH 101 or equivalent.

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