Submit an Essay for Editing

If you would like a SAIL college student to help with editing an essay, follow these steps:


    Step 1

    Start Your Essay!

    You can share your essay to be edited at any point in the writing process. It doesn't need to be complete. Check out our College Essay Tips!


    Step 2

    Include the Prompt & Details

    Make sure to copy and paste your prompt and maximum/minimum word count at the top of the page so the editor knows what to expect.


    Step 3

    Email the Essay to SAIL

    Email the essay as a word document to Be sure to include your name, grade, and school you're attending in the email details.


    Step 4

    Give Us Time to Give Feedback

    Don't leave it until the last minute. You can expect to have your essay shared back with you in about 3-5 businses days.