Pass the MIC

This FIG provides the skills, knowledge, and experiential learning necessary for a career in the music industry through guest speakers, workshops, and more.

Deep Dive FIG: Please note this FIG contains an online course. This course has been vetted by First Year Programs to ensure first-term students can achieve success. The instructor for this course is also teaching College Connections.

Students explore the intersection of topics by taking the following course package:

MUS 199 College Connections - FIG Seminar, 1-credit

MUS 151 Popular Songwriting - CoreEd or major satisfying course, 4-credits

CINE 230 Remix Cultures - CoreEd or major satisfying course, 4-credits

FIG Theme: Culture in Review

culture in reviewExamine cultures and subcultures through a discerning lens


Flight Path Theme:

Media, Arts, & Expression