Carnegie Global Oregon

Carnegie Global Oregon focuses on ethics and the challenges of living in a world marked by complex social, political, and environmental issues. This FIG that is also a residential ARC that lasts throughout freshman year. This FIG partners with the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs as we explore human rights in the United States and around the world.

If you are an incoming student taking Carnegie Global Oregon, view the 2017 syllabus and check out the Carnegie Global Oregon website! Please also note that Carnegie Global Oregon students will move into the residence halls eariler than the official move-in day. (More details soon)

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College Connections Faculty: Shaul Cohen

Photo of College Connections faculty for Carnegie Global Oregon, Shaul Cohen.

Dr. Shaul Cohen is an Associate Professor in the Geography Department, and is the Director of the Carnegie Global Oregon Ethics Program and of the University’s Prison Education Program.  He is a Global Ethics Fellow of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. In addition to the classes he teaches in geography, he also teaches classes in the Robert D. Clark Honors College and the Conflict Resolution Program, and is one of the heads of the Peace Studies minor. His research focuses on ethno-territorial conflicts in Israel-Palestine, Northern Ireland, and other parts of the world..

FIG Assistant: Bianca Pak


Summer Assignment

Please read the book Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.

Respond to the following three questions in essay format, and send (in PDF or Word format) your finished responses to, while CC’ing and, by September 14, 2018. 

1. Which of the cases (people) Bryan Stevenson wrote about did you react to most strongly, and why? (Please respond in one page or less) 

2. Can there be a conflict between human rights, civil rights, and legal rights? What does Bryan Stevenson say about justice and our legal system? (Please respond in 1.5 pages) 

3. What ethical issues in Just Mercy relate to the life you live? How? Why? What other ethical issues that relate to your life would you like to discuss with your peers in CGO? (Please respond in 2 pages)

Additionally, please download the Guide App to stay up-to-date on important fall academic deadlines.

Week of Welcome FIG Meeting

On Friday, September 21st, your first FIG Meeting starts at 9:00am in Matthew Knight Arena. Please enter through the North Entrance. You will meet your faculty member, FIG Assistant, and other FIG students to have your first FIG class, attend College Block and Convocation! The FIG Meetings will run from 9:00am-12:00pm, with refreshments provided.