Inside Architecture

Inside Architecture

This class offers the opportunity to explore the profession of architecture beyond the classroom setting. We will explore the understanding of the built environment through building tours, field drawing, discussion sessions, and visits from local practicing architects as a way of illuminating the various things architects do in their careers. 

Deep Dive FIG: Please note this FIG contains a 300-level course. This course has been vetted by First Year Programs to ensure first-term students can achieve success. The instructor is aware that FIG students will be in the course.

Students explore the intersection of topics by taking the following course package:

ARCH 199 College Connections - FIG Seminar, 1-credit

ARCH 201 Introduction to Architecture - CoreEd or major satisfying course, 4-credits

This class will introduce the unique purpose of architecture: to accommodate and ennoble the ordinary acts of living, make them poetic, while also aspiring to capture our imagination and to open our lives to the beauty of the world that great architecture always illuminates. By introducing a fundamental body of principles that are essential and archetypal, it will demonstrate how those principles create unique and profound form as they become integrated within a broad range of specific cultures, buildings and physical settings.

ARH 315 History of World Architecture II - CoreEd or major satisfying course, 4-credits

This course examines architecture as a physical record of human society from prehistory through ca. 1500. As we are covering over 5,000 years of architectural practice, we will focus on periods of intense architectural innovation by looking at a series of paradigmatic buildings and analyzing them in terms of their formal qualities and social role. Over the course of the term, we will consider several reoccurring themes, including the use of architecture to promote religion, the relationship between built environment and political structure, and architectural changes as a response to technological innovation, to the architecture of diverse cultures and societies.

FIG Theme:

Going Green

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