Global Bridge iFIGs

This year marks the beginning of FIGs for international students, or Global Bridge iFIGs! For general information about Global Bridge iFIGs, head to our section on the website detailing the specifics of how they work: FIGs for International Students

So, what exactly is the Global Bridge iFIG program? The program is meant to help guide international students to be academically successful in their time at UO, and is especially for those who come to the UO still needing to develop full command of academic English.

Global Bridge iFIGs put students directly into the English classes they need to succeed. We link those classes to general education courses that help students advance quickly towards their chosen degree goals. Finally, there is the College Connections course which is customized to rapidly introduce non-US students to the culture, resources and requirements of US higher education at the UO.

For advisors looking for more detailed info, please view our FAQ page: Global Bridge iFIG FAQs

If you are signed up for a Global Bridge iFIG, you will likely be meeting for the first time over the weekend between Week of Welcome and Week 1 of classes. Be sure to look out for an email from your iFIG Assistant which will detail exactly when and where this meeting will occur.

If you have any additional questions concerning Global Bridge iFIGs beyond what is answered on the FAQ page, please contact FIG director Amy Hughes-Giard ( and AEIS Coordinator Tom Delaney (