Featured FIGs: Food & the Garden, Startups from the Ground Up, Tomato, Tomäto

These three featured FIGS are part of the broader FIG offerings for fall of 2017. To see the full list please visit the Finding the FIG For You page.

This FIG will explore the tradition of garden making and hands-on growing as part of a healthy local food system.

Classes in Startups from the Ground Up: CIS 111 (Intro to Web Programming), BA 101 (Intro to Business), and CIS 199 (College Connections)

Would you like to be the next dorm-room entrepreneur like Mark Zuckerburg (FB) or Reshma Saujani (Girls Who Code)? Then you will need a technical co-founder. Here's the best way to find one or, even better, be one: Learn to Code. Start building your developer skills in CIS 111 and your business plan in BA 101 by joining this FIG.

Tomato, Tomäto explores social and linguistic aspects of personal identity in a community that asks hard questions about the factual basis of many popular beliefs about people.