The Secrets to Success in STEM Faculty and FIG Assistant

Professor Portrait
FIG College Connections Faculty: Julie Mueller - UO Teaching Engagement Program, Office of the Provost

Hi! I’m Julie Mueller, and I’ll be your guide in learning the Secrets to Success in STEM. Starting college is tough for almost everyone, and it’s my goal to help you develop the tools you’ll need to make it through. I love the beauty and utility of science and math, and want you to have the support and skills you need to be able to see and enjoy them too. I have a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Cornell University and taught General Chemistry and Physical Chemistry when I was a professor at Santa Clara University. I’m now a Faculty Consultant in the Teaching Engagement Program at UO, where I work with faculty and graduate students to help them succeed in their goals of being the best instructors they can be.  

Outside work, I like to read, hike the beautiful areas around Eugene, bake, and play games with my family. Lately, I’ve also been speculating on how long my “COVID hair” will get. Join us in fall to find out! 

FIG Assistant: Claire McKerrow

Hi y’all! My name is Claire McKerrow and I am the FIG Assistant for “Secrets to Success in STEM”. This will be my third year as the FIG Assistant for this FIG. I am a general science major with an emphasis in human physiology and a minor in sports business. This is (unfortunately) my last year here at UO and I am so excited to spend it with you all.  

I am originally from Dallas, Texas but moved to Portland, Oregon in elementary school and stayed in-state for the U of O. One of my favorite things about UO is all the opportunities to get involved. I love being an athletic training intern for the University of Oregon football team and being able to participate in student boards and other activities.  

I know this is a very unusual time and I’m sure your decisions about your college experience and what you want out of college are changing all the time. I would love to get to know you all before the fall, when hopefully we can meet in person! Please feel free to send me an email telling me a bit about yourself. Keep checking in with this page to see updated information about the summer assignment!