Post-IntroDUCKtion FIG Registration

For students who already attended IntroDUCKtion:

If you want to sign up for a FIG, you still can! On our Finding the FIG for You page, we have all 54 of our FIGs and list them as either open or closed for enrollment. This is a great page to visit if you want to learn more about a particular FIG and if you can sign up for it.

Signing up for a FIG guarantees your spot in those larger lecture classes such as Introduction to Ethnic Studies (ES 101) or Media & Society (J 201). In addition to offering great classes to students, FIGs enrich your first term at the university through the personal interaction with FIG faculty members as well as peer support from the FIG Assistant, who is a current undergraduate student that has already taken and been successful in the FIG classes. You will engage in the academic intersections of the FIG topic, as well as go on social outings together throughout the term! A few examples are taking a trip to the Oregon Coast, having dinner at a faculty member’s house, and movie nights.

Our program offers a variety of FIGs that stem across 40 academic departments. You can browse through the FIG pages under Finding the FIG for You. Our office is available by phone or email to discuss options as well!

In order to sign up, you need to email or call us as registration is done directly through us! The information we will need to sign you up for your desired FIG is your name, student ID number (this is the 951-number used for Duckweb), and the FIG name you are wanting to add.

For students who have not attended IntroDUCKtion:

If you are planning on attending IntroDUCKtion during Week of Welcome in September, joining a FIG is a great option! By signing up for a FIG now, you will be registering for classes and will have ½ of your schedule for fall term. A FIG is an excellent opportunity to dive into your major, explore academic interests, or discover an entirely new subject to study!

In order to sign up for a FIG, you will have to go directly through our program by phone or email.

Join your FIG today!

The FIG Program