2019 Fall FIGs

We offer more than 50 FIGs every fall – each with a unique combination of courses. Many FIGs explore similar ideas, so they are grouped into larger common themes in order to help you narrow down your choice. When selecting a FIG, be sure to look for themes or classes that seem most interesting to you. Explore themes and FIGs below.

Once you have decided which FIG you would like to enroll in, you are ready to get registered! Early FIG registration begins on May 15th at 4pm pst and will end on June 10th (or earlier if all FIGs are filled). FIG registration is first-come, first-serve, so when a FIG is full there is no waitlist.

Registration will open again at the first IntroDUCKtion session, and will continue through Week of Welcome. Students will have a lot of opportunities to select or make changes to their FIG choice. Please contact the FIG Program with any questions at 541-346-1131 or figs@uoregon.edu.

2019 FIG Guide

Speak Your Mind Brain Lab

Fall FIG Themes

Success Starts Here


Art of Storytelling: Make sense of the world around us through stories and art
Becoming Human: Discover our humanity through science
Human Genome - SEE ADVISOR
Breaking Barriers: Investigate how different perspectives shape communities
Face to Face - CLOSED
Media Mirror - CLOSED
Money and Me - CLOSED
This is Me - CLOSED
Tomato-Tomäto - CLOSED
Culture in Review: Examine cultures and subcultures through a discerning lens
Just Futures - CLOSED
Pass the MIC - CLOSED
Going Green: Delve into how we affect the environment and how it affects us
Edible History - CLOSED
Food Matters - CLOSED
Passport to World Cultures: Investigate life outside the U.S.
Bella Italia! - CLOSED
Say What? - OPEN
Science and Society: Solve problems and make an impact on the world through science
Science in the News - SEE ADVISOR