My Visual Story Faculty and FIG Assistant

FIG College Connections Faculty: Robert Voelker-Morris, UO Teaching Engagement Program, Office of the Provost

Robert Voelker-Morris has been an instructor at the University of Oregon since 2003. When much younger, one of Robert’s goals was to collect 10,000 comic books. A goal that has taken over thirty years to meet. A love of visual story-telling made its way into Robert’s research and scholarship such as publication on the gender roles and stereotypes of male superheroes and the effects they have on our culture in the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics:

Many of Robert’s teaching interests are focused on first-year experiences that have included co-teaching freshman seminars at the UO. Courses have included Creative Collaborations and Art Meets Science: Making the Invisible Visible -  see: An additional course of long standing has focused on intersections of Arts and Visual Literacy.  This course was a perfect blending of Robert’s research and interests, such as his undergraduate degree in Art History (from Oregon State, yep!), photography, graphic design, cinematic technique and theory, and popular culture studies.

Robert currently works for the UO Teaching Engagement Program, received his Masters degree in Museum Studies, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Lane County History Museum. Robert is an affiliated faculty member in the UO’s Comics and Cartoon Studies,


FIG Assistant: Giovanna Morfin Vazquez

Welcome! My name is Giovanna and I’m pleased to be your FA for “My Visual Story” this fall! This is my second year as an FA for this FIG and I was also in this FIG when I was a first year student, so worry not- I am an expert in what I do.  

I am originally from Santa Cruz, California, but was raised in Oregon almost my whole life. I love the forests here and going camping is one of my favorite activities to do. You’ll find that Eugene has tons of activities for you to do, such as going to parks, watching football games, going to theatre shows, and enjoying cuisines from all over.  

I’m a third year student double majoring in general science and psychology. My majors are unrelated to the “My Visual Story” FIG, so you already know you can join the FIG even if your major isn’t related to art or English! Take this opportunity to explore things that interest you. If you’ve got any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to get to know me before the term starts, feel free to send me an email. Enjoy your summer!