Murals, Movies, Musica y Muertos

Murals, Movies, Música y muertos FIG Strip

Would you like to be bilingual some day? Are you drawn to art (murals, paintings, music, movies, crabs)? This FIG is designed for students with no prior experience with Spanish or up to two years of Spanish in high school. We will begin our conversations in English and slowly transition to Spanglish during the term as you gain confidence using the language. Our activities outside class will center on becoming familiar with Spanish-speaking cultures right here in Eugene. We will celebrate art as we enjoy a private tour of an art exhibition in the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on campus, take a walking/bus tour of the 20x21 Mural Project in the city of Eugene, participate in Día de los Muertos festivities and even rent a local theater to watch a movie in Spanish. If you are open to meeting new people, getting extra practice speaking Spanish outside the Span 101 class, learning about art created by Spanish-speaking artists in our region and beyond, this is the FIG for you.

Students explore the intersection of topics by taking the following course package:

UGST 109 First-Year Experience Seminar - 1-credit

SPAN 101 First-Year Spanish - CoreEd or major satisfying course, 5-credits

Spanish 101 is the first in a series of Spanish Courses and is designed for students who have no previous Spanish instruction. The course emphasizes oral communication and listening comprehension in a culturally authentic context. Students will be exposed to simple Spanish texts in order to develop strong reading skills. Students will also work on writing skills, starting with short compositions and building up to longer ones. The course will be conducted mostly in Spanish, and all students will be expected to participate actively using the language skills they are acquiring.