Face to Face

Face to Face

Face to Face is a course designed to help students improve their connections with friends, roommates, teammates, professors, bosses, co-workers, strangers, classmates, special interest groups or potential employers by learning and practicing direct verbal communication skills and understanding elements of various audiences.  

Students explore the intersection of topics by taking the following course package:

UGST 109 First-Year Experience Seminar - 1-credit

J 201 Media and Society - CoreEd or major satisfying course, 4-credits

What is the relationship between media industry and media content? How does popular culture articulate cultural beliefs and practices? How do we analyze and interpret the media industries? This course is designed to equip students with the key concepts, theories, and methods to undertake their own critical analyses of media and the industries that make them. It will examine how media emerge within specific social and historical contexts and how they participate in ideological practices with wide-reaching cultural consequences.

SOC 204 Introduction to Sociology - CoreEd or major satisfying course, 4-credits

Over the next ten weeks we will discover what exactly the discipline of sociology is, the prevailing theories invoked by sociologists to understand the world in which we live, the particular methods used by sociologists to study society, as well as examine some of the topics that sociologists have explored in depth. The class begins by exploring the premises and history of sociology, and its main concepts and methods. It then moves to focus on social inequalities, especially in terms of class, gender, and race. The course concludes by examining the possibility of social change and how sociological tools can help us understand this type of change.