Exploring Oregon's Landscape Faculty and FIG Assistant

Professor Portrait
FIG Faculty: Steven Beda - Department of History, College of Arts and Sciences

Steven Beda an academic expert in Pacific Northwest History, labor history, and environmental history. At the University of Oregon, he is an assistant professor of history at the University of Oregon. His research specifically explores the history of workers in the Northwest’s timber industry and the ways rural communities have adapted to the region’s changing economy. He has also researched and written about the history of forestry, rural protest movements, and the rise of the Northwest’s militia movement.     

Email: sbeda@uoregon.edu

FA photo
FIG Assistant: Mira Cross

Hello, all! My name is Mira, and I am so excited to be the FIG Assistant for “Edible History.” This is my fourth year at the University of Oregon, and I was a FIG student my freshman year (spoiler alert, I loved it so much I decided to apply to lead one!). I’m double majoring in economics and environmental studies, and am interested in sustainable agriculture and environmental justice. 

I grew up across the Pacific Northwest before moving to Eugene with my family in middle school. Over the past 10 years living here, I’ve gotten to know the area and am delighted to be able to show you around this Fall! I love this city, and I love exploring the trails in the surrounding region even more!

As someone whose first year of college was interrupted by a pandemic, I know firsthand how stressful your first year of college can be. I am happy to answer any of your questions about the FIG, or about your transition to life here at the University! Go Ducks!

Email: mcross7@uoregon.edu