Finding the Way to Your FIG During IntroDUCKtion

With IntroDUCKtion beginning with our first session on July 11th, here is all you need to know about how to sign up for a FIG!

Your IntroDUCKtion session will be split into two days. During Day One, you can come find our table during lunch on Pioneer Mother Lawn. We will have updated information with all the FIGs that are currently open and can tell you all about any that you may be interested in. Keep in mind that FIGs will switch between being open and closed throughout each IntroDUCKtion, so which FIGs are open will change between each IntroDUCKtion session.

During Day Two is when you can actually register for a FIG! Come see our table between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM to sign up for a FIG. Once you do so, it makes registering for classes with your advisor much easier as your FIG classes are automatically placed on your schedule. Your advisor can then help you find a couple more classes to complete your schedule. It is best to arrive early for the very start of FIG registration to try to join the FIG that you want, because there will likely be other students trying to get a spot as well! However, there are 52 FIGs to choose from, so even if your first choice is filled we can find something similar and equally exciting for you to take!

We hope you are excited to sign up for a FIG during your IntroDUCKtion session! In the meantime, you can look through our entire list of 52 FIGs to try to find a few that sound interesting to you. We also suggest making a list of a few that interest you and bringing it with you so we can help you with registering and better understand your interests to make sure we find the FIG for you!

Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @uofigs to follow all of our IntroDUCKtion activities. You can find information on us and links to our social media via the “Be A Duck” guidebook app! We will also be updating Twitter with which FIGs are opening and closing, so it will be a good resource for you during IntroDUCKtion. We’re excited to see you during your session!