Stories We Tell

Our FIG looks at the way stories provide us with insight into societal values and conflicts.

College Connections Faculty:  Michael Stern

Michael Stern received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkley. He regularly teaches courses in the Scandinavian and German sections of the department, and the Humanities program. His course materials include literature, film, and philosophy from the Scandinavian, German, and African traditions. His course – Scan 251 Text and Interpretation – addresses the relationship between description and the construction of “reality”, or the manner in which aesthetic cultures create and challenge notions of identity, right behavior, deviance, progress, and the like. Michael grew up a young aspiring poet in New York City. He traveled consistently to Sweden, Norway, and other parts of Europe studying extensively the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. To this day, Professor Stern is considered one of the foremost Niche scholars at the University of Oregon.

FIG Assistant:  Rhys Hawes


Summer Assignment

Coming July 2018. Faculty and FAs are currently in the process of developing the FIG assignments.

Week of Welcome FIG Meeting

Coming August 2018