Science of the Good Life Faculty and FIG Assistant

David McCormick
FIG Faculty: David A. McCormick

David McCormick is Director of the Institute of Neuroscience and is interested in the neuroscience and psychology of a well-lived life, full of meaning and purpose.  Sasha, a 9 year old female Samoyed, grew up on college campuses and loves to be pet by, and comfort, students.  David and Sasha moved to the University of Oregon a few years ago to become part of the Oregon community of caring, empathetic people who are working together towards a better tomorrow.  By creating the course Bi170 Happiness: a Neuroscience and Psychology Perspective, David sought to bring his long standing interest in positive life engagement into a discussion with students, helping them develop the skills and knowledge needed to live life skillfully and fully.

David received his BA degrees in Psychology and Math at Purdue University and his PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford University.  Prior to the University of Oregon, he was a professor at Yale University School of Medicine for 30 years, and lived with students in a residential college with his wife, Lanch, and Sasha.  For 7 years, David travelled to rural India each summer to teach Tibetan Buddhist monks neuroscience in their monastic universities.  He was also the lead of Yale/New Haven Insight Meditation group, and currently teaches meditation to students each week in Unthank Residence Hall, where he is a Faculty Fellow.  Sasha attends class and meditation and is just happy to love, and be loved by, students.

FA photo
FIG Assistant: Trinity Gallardo

Hello everyone! My name is Trinity Gallardo, and I will be the FA for the Science of the Good Life FIG with Dr. David McCormick. This is my third year returning as an FA and I love this program because it helps students find their way through the first year of college which can be exciting yet challenging. I bounced around between Biology and Psychology before I discovered that Neuroscience was what I wanted to study. When I graduate, I plan on going to PA school to continue my journey in science.

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and decided Eugene would be a great place to spend my undergraduate years. A few of my favorite spots in Eugene are 541 Sushi Bar, Meraki Coffee Co., and Spencer's Butte. Coming from such an outdoorsy state, I love snowboarding, hiking, and traveling. However, I did not learn how to snowboard until my roommate taught me a year ago! I have been to France and Italy, but Iceland is next on my bucket list. When I am not out and about, I love hanging out with my friends, reading a good book, or watching movies.

Going into my third year at the U of O, I still remember how helpful and awesome being in a FIG was my first year. I love being an FA and sharing whatever knowledge I have about college or life in general. I look forward to meeting everyone in the Fall!