Food Matters Faculty and FIG Assistant

Photo of College Connections faculty for Exploring Africa, Stephen Wooten.

FIG Faculty: Stephen Wooten - International Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

Stephen R. Wooten is a sociocultural anthropologist whose research interests include: political economy and ecology, local food systems and expressive culture. Dr. Wooten has been conducting ethnographic field research in Mali since 1992 and has recently begun a study of urban agriculture in Eugene. His research publications include: “Colonial Administration and the Ethnography of the Family in the French Soudan” in Cahiers d’etudes africaines, “Antelope Headdresses and Champion Farmers: Negotiating Meaning and Identity through the Bamana Ciwara Complex” in African Arts and “Losing Ground: Gender Relations, Commercial Horticulture and Threats to Local Plant Diversity in Rural Mali” in an edited volume entitled: Women and Plants: Gender Relations in Biodiversity Management and Conservation. His book The Art of Livelihood: Creating Expressive Agri-Culture in Rural Mali explores the creativity of rural Bamana people. Dr. Wooten has been at UO since 2001.



FA photo
FIG Assistant: Bella Albin

Hi everyone! I’m Bella and I will be the FIG Assistant for Food Matters, I can’t wait to meet everyone in the fall! I will be entering my fourth year at UO. I am majoring in Journalism with a minor in Food Studies and Multimedia.  

Here’s a little bit about me! Some of my main interests are Hiking, skiing, reading, and of course trying new restaurants. (I’ve found some good ones in Eugene!)  

During my time in Eugene and at the UO campus I’ve found some great study spots. Some of my favorites are booths in the EMU, the Science Library, and the lawn by GHS. I can’t wait to see everyone in the fall!