Food Matters Faculty and FIG Assistant

Photo of College Connections faculty for Exploring Africa, Stephen Wooten.

FIG Faculty: Stephen Wooten - International Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

Stephen R. Wooten is a sociocultural anthropologist whose research interests include: political economy and ecology, local food systems and expressive culture. Dr. Wooten has been conducting ethnographic field research in Mali since 1992 and has recently begun a study of urban agriculture in Eugene. His research publications include: “Colonial Administration and the Ethnography of the Family in the French Soudan” in Cahiers d’etudes africaines, “Antelope Headdresses and Champion Farmers: Negotiating Meaning and Identity through the Bamana Ciwara Complex” in African Arts and “Losing Ground: Gender Relations, Commercial Horticulture and Threats to Local Plant Diversity in Rural Mali” in an edited volume entitled: Women and Plants: Gender Relations in Biodiversity Management and Conservation. His book The Art of Livelihood: Creating Expressive Agri-Culture in Rural Mali explores the creativity of rural Bamana people. Dr. Wooten has been at UO since 2001.



izabelle Zielinski Photo
FIG Assistant: Izabelle Zielinski

Hi! My name is Izabelle Zielinski, my pronouns are she/her, and I am the FIG assistant for the Food Matters FIG. I will be a second-year student at the UO, and I am working on a Psychology major, and Food Studies and Legal Studies minors. I am from outside of Portland, or for those of you who are from Oregon, a town named Gresham. When I have free time, I love cooking, reading, and watching Brooklyn 99. I was also a part of the Food Matters FIG in my first fall term, and I truly enjoyed my experience, I thought it was incredibly helpful in acclimating me to college which is why I have decided to rejoin the program. I am so excited to meet and work with all of you in the future!