First FIG Friday

The Low-Down on FIG Friday

Welcome to the University of Oregon! It’s time to meet your FIG.

This Friday is the official kick-off event for FIGs. On Friday all students in a FIG will gather in Columbia 150 at either 10am or 11am to meet the people they will be growing and learning with for the next 10 weeks. During FIG Friday, you will meet the other students in your FIG, your Faculty member, and your FIG Assistant before the term even begins!

It is important to arrive promptly at your assigned time to Columbia 150 because FIGs will be dispersing to different locations across campus. For easy reference, we have included a list of the FIGs meeting at 10am and 11am.

If you have any questions or concerns before Friday, feel free to contact our office at or (541) 346-1131. On Friday, we will be able to assist you best if you come to Columbia 150 to chat with us in person!


10:00am Meeting Time

(Anti)Social Media

Animal Behavior

Art, Culture, and Comics

Bella Italia!

Breaking the Wall

Carnegie Global Oregon

Changing World, Changing Roles

Chemistry in Nature

Chemistry of Climate Change

Chemistry of Sustainability

Development Safari

Edible History

Education Revolution

European Grand Tour

Finding Your Voice

Food & the Garden

Food Matters

Green Chemistry and Apparel Design

Hidden History

Hip Hop & Politics of Race

Human Genome

Human Hierarchies

Humans: An Origin Story

In Search of the Sacred

Tomato, Tomäto


11:00 am Meeting Time

Face to Face

International Outlook

Just Futures

Justice Matters

Mapping without Borders

Music in World Culture: Africa

Oregon Outside

Our Storied Past

Portable Life Museum

Remixing Media, ©ritiquing ©ulture

Risky Business

Rock ‘n’ Physics

Science for Social Change

Science in the News

Science of Learning

Social Progress, Social Change

Speak Your Mind

Startups from the Ground Up

Stories We Tell

The Far Side

The Joke’s on You

The Spanish-Speaking World in Comics

Twelve Bars from Freedom

Vive la Révolution!?

War and Peace

World Theater

Yalla Arabia!