Development Safari Faculty and FIG Assistant

FIG Faculty: Mokaya Bosire - Department of Linguistics, College of Arts and Sciences

Mokaya Bosire is a Senior Instructor at the Department of Linguistics. His research centers in the sociolinguistics of African youth languages, urban vernaculars, hybrid and mixed languages, language contact and language teaching. Mokaya teaches and coordinates the Swahili language program and as a core faculty member of the African Studies Program, he teaches & coordinates the interdisciplinary Intro to African Studies class. Passionate about presenting Africa in novel ways, Mokaya teaches an African folklore class, Voices of Africa, a class that explores everyday life in Africa and helps to connect the local African community with students through class events and guest lectures from community members.

Dr. Mokaya has travelled widely and leads the Swahili Study Abroad program in Zanzibar every summer. His hobbies include Ping Pong & Photography.



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FIG Assistant: Margaret Bird

Hi everyone! I'm Margaret, and I'll be your FIG Assistant this fall. I will be a third-year student at the UO. I am majoring in Romance Languages, and I have minors in Linguistics and Global Health. I am also in the Clark Honors College. This is my second year as an FA, but I loved being in a FIG last year. It helped me find interesting classes and make friends in my classes, so I look forward to getting to know you all!

I'm from Denver, CO. I love to hike, camp, and learn about plants. I have been beekeeping for 10 years. I also do karate. I love to read. I speak Spanish, and I'm learning French and Swahili! I also work as a research assistant for a professor studying the history of disease (specifically malaria) and medicine in Africa. I'm excited to help you get to know the UO this fall. Please feel free to email me with any questions or just to introduce yourself (and maybe recommend a book)!