Breaking the Wall

breaking the wall

Students will explore social and cultural changes in Germany from 1945 to the present from the different perspectives of German studies and sociology.

Students explore the intersection of topics by taking the following course package*:

*Courses in the FIG package may be subject to change

GER 199 College Connections - FIG Seminar, 1-credit

This College Connections seminar is scheduled as remote, but will likely have in-person components in fall.

GER 221 Postwar Germany: Nation Divided - CoreEd or major satisfying course, 4-credits

German 221 introduces you to post-WWII German culture and society through the analysis of representative literary and cultural texts and films within the context of German history from 1945 to the present. You will read a series of novels, short stories, non-fictional writings, and watch several films that reveal how Germans in the West and East have viewed the connection between the past and present, and how their ideas about cultural and national identity have evolved before and after the reunification in 1989. The narratives and films address issues that have helped shape the ways in which Germans today approach questions such as political conformity and autonomy, guilt over the past, and the responsibility to create a better Germany.

SOC 204 Introduction to Sociology - CoreEd or major satisfying course, 4-credits

Our study of human society and group life begins with an overview of the tools of sociological inquiry, including theory and methodological reasoning, followed by an overview of human socialization and its role in shaping self-identity. Four additional themes are covered: Crime and Social Control; Social Inequalities Worldwide and by Class, Race, and Gender within the U.S.A.; Dynamics of Social Institutions; and finally, the process of Social Change in an ecologically interconnected, global society.How and why do human groups and societies develop and function? Sociology offers a scientific understanding of human behavior as it relates to and results from interaction within these groups.