FIG Hunters: A Contest of Making Campus Connections

FIG Hunters is an optional FIG group activity designed to connect students to campus, the Eugene community, and above all, to each other. The activities are based around creating fun and adaptable experiences, ranging from small and simple tasks to elaborate projects. Each FIG operates as their own team and competes with other FIGs to win prizes throughout the term. The ultimate goal is to win the hunt by gaining more points than the other FIGs. Prizes and awards are not based on who does the most activites or who does the most elaborate projects, but are awarded based on creativity, dedication, positive community impact, and having fun.

Faculty and FAs are encouraged to participate as much as they wish, but can also allow students to run their team's involvement separately.

Example items include: 

  1. Create a FIG rock band album cover photo. Include the title of the album. – Photo. 49 points
  2. Find as many murals painted in Eugene as you can. Create a photo collage or electronic scrapbook of the pictures you take. – Photo. 50 points
  3. Visit the Cascade Raptor Center and capture a photograph of your group in the large nest. Bonus points if dressed like a bird nesting and/or you bring your own eggs. – Photo. 45 points
  4. Visit/take a tour of the museums located on the UO campus and create a photo collage of your experience. – Photo. 30 points

The Risky Business FIG completes 2016 FIG Hunters task Community Building #3: They planned a game night and promoted it campus-wide! It was complete with snacks and drinks.

The Animal Behavior FIG, led by FA Mariah, makes a trip up to the Oregon Zoo in Portland!