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First-Year Programs offer faculty members unique teaching opportunities:

  • FIGs — collaborate with a colleague in another department
  • First-Year Seminars — explore a special research topic with a small class of students

Faculty members from every discipline and department are encouraged to propose FIGs or First-Year Seminars.


: In a First-Year Interest Group (FIG), 25 students are co-enrolled during the fall term of their first year in two regular group-satisfying classes and a one-credit College Connections class.  College Connections, led by a faculty member and an advanced undergraduate, is intended to help students think critically, acquire necessary academic skills, and adjust to university life.  The two academic classes are from different disciplines, but are linked by a common theme. Collaboration between the two faculty members is encouraged and supported by a dedicated award.

First-Year Seminars

: Seminars emphasize active discussion and develop a sense of community among students.  The three or four-credit seminars have a class size of twenty-three or fewer and are offered fall, winter, or spring term.  Topics vary widely, according to the faculty member’s interests, for example: Nutrition Concepts and Controversies, Evolution of Warfare, and Buddhism Through Art. Seminars are an excellent way to try out a topic in a small class setting.

Here is what participating faculty members have said about our programs:

dan close“Teaching a College Connections course is the highlight of the academic year for me. I enjoy meeting the new students and feel connected to the rhythm of the University.”

Daniel Close, FIG “Education and Social Services” College Connections Professor



kevin-hatfield“The Freshman Seminar offers the most rewarding learning community and teaching experience of my academic career and I look forward to continuing to adapt this dynamic course all with the supportive collaboration of First Year Programs and my students.”

Kevin Hatfield, First-Year Seminar “Uncovering the Past of the ‘Real’ Wild West” Professor


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