See Yourself in a FIG


What a FIG is Made of: 

Each FIG is composed of two large lecture courses and one small seminar course that holds only the FIG students. For Portable Life Museum, this includes the AAD 252 Art and Gender lecture, the ART 101 Understanding Contemporary Media lecture, and the AAD 199 College Connections FIG class.


The Portable Life Museum FIG, offered in fall 2015 and again in 2016, provides one example of the opportunities and experiences FIGs offer to students in their first term.

Portable Life Museum's Classes:

AAD 252    Art and Gender

ART 101     Understanding Contemporary Media

AAD 199    College Connections

Prof. Julie Voelker Morris shares her passion for art while visiting the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

College Connections:
Starting by asking questions about what we as humans need, this FIG engages students with their personal reality, examining it in an academic, hands-on process. Students have an opportunity in this course to examine their own creative, investigative ways of engaging with, preserving, or experiencing objects that they encounter in their own material visual culture, that represent the portability of their own life. Students engage with everyday objects and their surroundings in novel ways.


Have a Hand in Creating Your Own Academic Experience:

Students created their own "Portable Life Museum" or "Cabinet of Curiosity” as a tool to understand issues of art, culture, and identity in their own life using a guided creative and research process. Students then held a Portable Life Museum Showcase where other FIG Faculty, FIG Assistants, and FIG students were invited to attend and appreciate their peers work.


Feed your Imagination (and your stomach):

The FIG had lunch with their faculty member in the dining hall and held a “FIGsgiving” feast later in the term with an ugly sweater contest, photo booth, games, food & fun!


FIG Hunters: FIG Hunters is all about having fun and getting connected to resources, community, and others during the fall term. Portable Life Museum joined the hunt and participated in puddle duck race challenges, attended concerts in Eugene's famous venues, and many other activities in order to earn points and win prizes!

The competition gets competitive, and Portable Life's students and faculty readily faced the challenge. Their efforts earned them fourth place at the end of their fall term.

To learn more about FIG Hunters specifically, check out The Hunt's webpage here:

FIG Hunters: Community, Connections, and Competition