Green Chemistry and Apparel Design

This FIG will explore balancing the performance and environmental impact of apparel to design more sustainable sportswear.

College Connections Faculty: Julie Haack

Dr. Julie Haack is the assistant department head and a senior instructor for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Oregon.  She is currently leading an effort to establish the UO Tyler Invention Greenhouse as an open and collaborative "think tank” environment where students, faculty and local entrepreneurs from the fields of chemistry, design and business collaborate on projects that accelerate the movement of ideas from invention to the marketplace in a way that drives innovation. As an educator, she is integrating green chemistry and design thinking into chemistry curricula to help students connect design and innovation to the science of sustainability.

Phone: 541-346-4604


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FIG Assistant: David Crinnion


Summer Assignment

Hello Green Chemistry students! Please complete the following summer assignment: PDF iconSummer assignment

Week of Welcome FIG Meeting

The first meeting for the FIG is Friday, September 22nd at 10:00 am in Columbia 150. Please arrive on time as we will be relocating shortly after.