The Far Side

Classes in The Far Side: BI 132 (Intro to Animal Behavior), PSY 201 (Mind and Brain), and PSY 199 (College Connections).
In the spirit of the Far Side cartoons, we will explore quirky questions and discover surprising facts about similarities and differences in how people and other animals think, feel and behave. Includes a field trip to the Raptor Center.

College Connections Faculty:  Holly Arrow

Photo of College Connections faculty for The Far Side, Holly Arrow.

Hi, my name is Dr. Arrow I have two major research interests.  The first is the formation and development of small groups as complex dynamic systems.  The second is the psychology of war, in particular the evolution of social capacities that help men and women cope with the challenges to survival and reproductive success posed by war.

FIG Assistant: Devin Hagewood


Summer Assignment

For your summer assignment, please read the short article "Elephants can determine ethnicity, gender, and age from acoustic cues in human voice" and watch the TED Talk, "Moral Behavior in Animals"

We also highly recommend that you read the UO Common Reading, The Round House by Louise Erdrich. It's an excellent book and we will have an opportunity to discuss it as a FIG.

Week of Welcome FIG Meeting

The first meeting for the FIG is Friday, September 22nd at 11:00 am in Columbia 150. Please arrive on time as we will be relocating shortly after.