European Grand Tour

This FIG will take a “Grand Tour” of the European continent, considering how ancient and modern interact in Europe today and introducing students to a wide range of exciting faculty from across UO who participate in the European Studies program.

College Connections Faculty: Matthias Vogel

Matthias Vogel hails from Mainz, Germany. Mainz, the site of the original 1450 movable type Gutenberg press that launched the era of widely available printed materials. Also in Mainz is the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, where he received his B.A. in 1993. In 1995 he completed his M.A. in Comparative Literature at the University of Oregon in Eugene where he also advanced to Doctoral Candidacy in 1996. As Language Coordinator and Senior Instructor, he now teaches mainly language, culture, and pedagogy classes and has made Second Language Pedagogy and Second Language Acquisition his main fields of specialization.  Matthias also coordinates the “Deutsch erleben!” German Global Scholars Immersive community at the UO and, as a certified Goethe Institute tester, gives German language certification exams for the department. When not working, Professor Vogel enjoys taking advantage of the outdoor activities Oregon has to offer, including hiking, biking, and running. 

FIG Assistant: Kelsey McFee


Summer Assignment

Hi European Grand Tour students! For your summer assignment, please complete the following:

  • Email a paragraph introducing yourself (name, where you are from, major, birthday, favorite place you have been, where you would like to travel, hobbies or activities that you like, what you are looking forward to in the FIG) to Matthias and me.
  • Watch the following Youtube video:

  • Watch either the film "Eurotrip" (which is rated R) or the film "Lampoon's European Vacation" and write about the steorotypes that you see in either movie.

The write up will be handed in during our first FIG meeting during Week of Welcome and we will discuss both movies during week 1.

Week of Welcome FIG Meeting

The first meeting for the FIG is Friday, September 22nd at 10:00 am in Columbia 150. Please arrive on time as we will be relocating shortly after.